At ten days distance from the conclusion of the CONVOCATORIA, we do feel them as long and intense days of thoughts and emotions to be processed, based on all the inputs we have been offered by getting together ‘in’ and ‘as’ community once again.

We built and shared spaces and practices through which radically creating new counter-narrations, future imaginaries expressing our needs and desires – all at once within and beyond the socio-ecological crisis we are plunged in.

From the workshop of the Theatre of the Oppressed, through putting into question the invention of ‘development’ in its intertwining with the threads of class, gender, racialization, ability and species, until experimenting tools of enquiry making manifest the structural violence of the polluting infrastructures rendering the body-territories ‘waste’ – we tried to reclaim our stories, lived experiences and suffering in order to radically rethink our socio-ecological relationships.

We tried to transform the passive and normalized condition of daily exposure to contamination as a space of possibility to repoliticize the socio-environmental conflict which is ongoing in our South.

We tried to build a setting where the complexity of the contemporary living could prove the urgency to show and articulate the transformative potential of the chains of care in our lives, in the counter-narrations we need, and in the ways we can live through and beyond the structural crisis.

From the very start, we have thought the CONVOCATORIA as a space where the encounter between ecologist, transfeminist and decolonial visions may allow us – at least within such a temporary frame – to articulate and experiment new possible worlds.

We are aware to be part of an evolving path, and we are very keen to thank all the people who participated and contributed (even on distance!) to this ongoing process. To the much needed beginning of a different desire!